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Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation awards 17 scholarships to deserving students

Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation is making a significant difference in the lives of local youth through its Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program.  Take Stock in Children Scholarships are available only to […]

Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation is making a significant difference in the lives of local youth through its Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program. 

  • Recently, seventeen deserving Okaloosa students were selected to participate in the program, which aims to provide them with a two-year scholarship to pursue post-secondary education.

Take Stock in Children Scholarships are available only to students who meet the standard criteria set by Florida’s Take Stock in Children Program. The initiative is designed to support the education of bright, hardworking students who may not otherwise be able to afford college due to their family’s financial situation.

To qualify for the scholarship, students must sign a contract with their parent or guardian. This contract promises that the student will maintain a good school record, avoid drugs and crime, and meet weekly with a mentor. The students who fulfill their contractual obligations are then awarded tuition scholarships to pursue higher education in the institution of their choice.

The Foundation is thrilled to congratulate the seventeen students who have been chosen to participate in the Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program. Jocelyn Brame, Destiny Cortez-Reyes, Nathan Jucha, Bradley Mastanduno, Allyson Matthews, Lillyan Matthews, Brooke Mignard, Aiden Neese, Caleb Pearce, Sofia Rosell Carreno, Ayanne Tomlinson, Bianca Arevalo, Enrique Boyett, Isabelle Crabb, Taniha Higgins, Jayden Holt, and Jackai Nathaniel are the newest members of the Take Stock in Children family.

Funding for the Take Stock in Children Program comes from several sources. The scholarship funds are generated from private and corporate donations to the Foundation, which are then matched dollar for dollar from the Florida Prepaid College Foundation through a Florida Legislative allocation. 

  • Additionally, Workforce Florida supports the Take Stock in Children Program by funding scholarships, while the State Take Stock in Children office provides an allocation to the Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation for program and student support staffing.

Many of the Take Stock students will be the first in their families to attend college and will face many challenges on their journey. Grants, as well as corporate and individual donations, provide funds for program support. As an agency of the United Way, the Take Stock Program is the recipient of contributions that are designated for the program.

Both students and mentors are provided with materials and activities that focus on the transition from high school to college. Mentors can positively impact a student’s academic, social, and career path and are critical to the success of the Take Stock in Children program. 

The Foundation encourages anyone who is interested in becoming a mentor to call 850.833.5879 for more information or visit their website at

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