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Okaloosa School Board Member Tim Bryant selected as President-Elect of Florida School Boards Association

Okaloosa County School Board Member Tim Bryant has been elected as President-Elect for the Florida School Boards Association (FSBA) for the 2023-2024 term. The FSBA, a nonprofit corporation representing elected school […]

Okaloosa School Board Member Tim Bryant

Okaloosa County School Board Member Tim Bryant has been elected as President-Elect for the Florida School Boards Association (FSBA) for the 2023-2024 term. The FSBA, a nonprofit corporation representing elected school boards in Florida, has been advocating for education in the state since 1930. 

  • As President-Elect, Bryant will play a crucial role in advancing the organization’s mission of increasing student achievement through effective school board leadership and advocacy for public education.

Bryant’s journey towards this leadership position began when he attended the “new school board member training” organized by the FSBA, where he learned about the roles, responsibilities, and opportunities for leadership within the association. His involvement grew further as he was appointed as the legislative liaison for the FSBA, representing Okaloosa County. 

  • Bryant has been serving in this capacity for the past five years, and he expressed his enjoyment of the leadership aspect, particularly as he represents his county and receives support from his fellow board members.

One significant aspect of Bryant’s role within the FSBA involves traveling throughout the state. He frequently travels to Tampa, Orlando, Gainesville, Crystal River, and Fort Myers on FSBA business. Bryant says this exposure allows him to network and build connections with other school board members across the state.

“With the Sunshine laws, I can’t freely talk to my fellow board members about items we’re possibly gonna vote on,” Bryant explained. “With this organization, I have built up a network of school board members who I can reach out to and talk about certain situations and how their board might have handled it. So it gives me an opportunity to network with other board members and brainstorm.”

Bryant’s journey to becoming President-Elect involved a rigorous process. Initially, he submitted his name for an open Treasurer position, which led to his initial appointment to the executive committee. In February of this year, he put his name forward for the positions of Vice President and President-Elect. The nominating committee, comprising school board members from across the state, interviewed Bryant, eventually recommending him for the President-Elect role. His appointment as President-Elect was unanimous.

As President-Elect, Bryant’s role will primarily involve supporting the current president. He will act as a stand-in when necessary and attend committee meetings and other functions. 

Superintendent Marcus Chambers commended Bryant’s interaction with other school board members and superintendents, noting his high level of respect within the educational community. 

  • “When you watch Mr. Bryant interact with other school board members and other superintendents, he’s very well respected,” said Chambers during a board meeting. “When people would congratulate him, he would send those congratulations to Okaloosa and to his colleagues here on the school board. I think that’s a testament to the type of person he is and the leader that he is.”

Bryant will become the second person from Okaloosa County to lead the FSBA. Barbara Moore, a former Okaloosa County School Board member, served as the FSBA president in 1986.

Looking ahead, Bryant expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming school year in Okaloosa County, citing the positive initiatives presented by Superintendent Chambers and his staff. 

“I’m so excited for our school district. We have so many good things going on, and I’m just excited to continue what Mr. Chambers and his staff have presented to us,” he added. “I’m really looking forward to a great school year. I’m also looking forward to the opportunity of, once again, being able to advocate for all of us on the board through the Florida School Board Association.”

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