Parker Destin offers truth about the Mid-Bay Bridge repairs

Destin City Council Member Parker Destin joined Jared Cramblet on the “Whatever It Means To You” podcast last night to discuss the Mid-Bay Bridge.

With the panic of the closure and not really knowing how long the repairs were going to take, Parker joined the guys at WIMTY to offer some truth about what is going on.

Aside from being a Destin City Council Member, what other insight could Parker have on the Mid-Bay Bridge, you ask? Well, he has also been a board member for the Mid-Bay Bridge Authority for the last 2 years.

The Authority was established for the purpose of and having the power to plan, construct, operate, and maintain the bridge.

So, needless to say, Parker has some really good insight as to what is going on with the bridge.

In the podcast they discuss:

  • Why the closure needed to happen
  • The process of how a bridge like this is repaired
  • The myth about who owns it and corruption
  • The difference between repairs on the Mid-Bay Bridge vs. the Brooks Bridge
  • The semi-annual checks the bridge undergoes
  • Along with some history on the funding of the bridge and the fees it charges
  • And so much more!

I would highly recommend you listen to the podcast (subscribe too!). Parker comes on around the 8 minute mark and Jared asks some really good questions that Parker has no problem answering.

There has been a lot of speculation over the bridge and this discussion opened my eyes tremendously!

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