“Put Em In A Coffin”: Teen Dented The Hood Of Walton County Sheriff’s Car


Just before 11:30pm on Thursday night, a Walton County Sheriff’s Officer’s car became the victim of the latest viral craze: “Put Em In A Coffin”.

Although no proof unless video surveillance is released, I’m going to roll with it…

“Put Em In A Coffin” is the latest prank where individuals jump into the air, cross their arms and land on an object (mostly cars or tables).

If you’ve spent any time on Vine, you are more than likely familiar with these videos. The craze started spreading after this video went viral from Chicago rapper VonMar:


To date, this clip as roughly 3.5 million views and 65,000 likes.

The Incident 🚔

According to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, the incident happened on Seascape Drive near the Cabana Cafe in Miramar Beach.

A report was written along with recorded witness statements, and surveillance video was also obtained.

Witnesses say there were two juveniles present, but only one touched the vehicle. They were unable to give a description other than to say the suspect had baby blue shorts on and a black shirt.


I’m all for funny prank videos but I haven’t liked “Put em in a coffin” since the moment it went viral.

Pranks that involve hurting unsuspecting people or damaging another person’s property is just wrong. There is nothing funny about it.

While this may seem like a prank, it is considered a criminal offense. And rightly so…

Pranking your friends, family, teammates, etc. is always funny because, for the most part, it goes back and fourth.

So let’s just keep it at that. There is no reason to catch a case because you jumped on the hood of a car.

Various Clips “Put Em In A Coffin”

Please note, audio may be NSFW


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