Image of Okaloosa Sheriff Eric Aden superimposed on screenshot showing arrest of individuals at Shalimar residence (OCSO)

Search warrant leads to 13 arrests by Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

Image of Okaloosa Sheriff Eric Aden superimposed on screenshot showing arrest of individuals at Shalimar residence (OCSO)

In a video interview on Friday, January 27, 2023, Okaloosa County Sheriff Eric Aden announced the results of a recent bust on 9th Avenue in Shalimar, Florida. According to Sheriff Aden, this bust is the latest in a series of efforts to combat the ongoing problem of drug use, narcotic activity, and drug sales in the area.

The bust took place at a homestead property at 34 9th Avenue that has been the source of multiple overdoses, drug-related deaths, and complaints from residents and developers in the community. Just a week before the bust, two more overdoses were reported on the property. In response, the Sheriff’s Office conducted another search warrant and took 13 people into custody.

Screenshot via OCSO video

Sheriff Aden expressed frustration with the situation, saying, “It’s a problem for the good law-abiding citizens that live in this community. It’s a problem for the developers that are trying to sell homes in this community. It’s a problem for our county commissioners that received multiple calls and complaints on this specific residence.” 

  • He added that the homestead property has created a significant problem for law enforcement, as there are certain rights that homestead owners have in the unincorporated community of Okaloosa County. Despite these challenges, Sheriff Aden stated that his office will do everything in its power to close down the property and put an end to the ongoing drug activity.
Screenshot via OCSO video

The conditions at the property were described by Sheriff Aden as “deplorable,” with no running water, electricity, or food. The property was also infested with roaches and other pests, which prompted officers to wear gas masks during the last search warrant. Sheriff Aden also expressed concern for the elderly woman who lived on the property, who was a victim of elderly abuse and was taken into custody along with others charged with abuse.

Sheriff Aden stated that the Sheriff’s Office will continue to work with the county to try and close down the property through nuisance abatement and will charge those arrested with every crime possible. 

Screenshot via OCSO video

“We gotta do something,” he said. “We will continue until every last one of them is in jail or away from this property.”

9 Responses

  1. I hope that this house is dozed to the ground, the elderly woman is treated with respect and care and our community is safer for those who live here in Shalimar. There is an elementary school a very short distance from this mess, and there are children in Shalimar neighborhoods that walk, ride their bikes and play outside that are endangered by this house and it’s occupants.

    There is also the reality that drug addiction breeds crime, many addicts resort to criminal activity like theft, B& E, and violence in order to feed their addiction. This is a tragedy waiting to happen.

    I hope a solution for the greater good is found soon. We appreciate the efforts to resolve this once and for all

  2. When are you going to take care of the drug fest at 47th and Fir Ave. in Niceville? This has been going on for months. The NVP say it isnt in their jurisdiction and that it is the responsibility of the OCSO. Drive by and just look at it. Bad enough the druggies that are living there without permission are stealing water, electricity, and cable from the neighbors by hooking up in the middle of the night.

  3. Any addiction of any kind is a mental health issue. Instead of blaming police, addicts, family members, I would like to suggest we , meaning all of us, advocate for mental health intervention, a justice system that promotes rehab for addictions, businesses carry Norcan for emergencies, etc.

    I am passionate about this issue. I hope none of you have a loved one under the disease of addiction. Unfortunately, I have lost a son to this crippling disorder.

    If we can just do our part. It may not cure this scourge on society but our ignorance of the causes and treatment for mental health do not help.

    No intent to criticize. Please forgive if I hurt anyone’s feelings.

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