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Sinfonia Youth Orchestra to host annual FREE Spring Concert at Destin High School

Sinfonia Gulf Coast

Destin High School will be alive with the sound of music on Sunday, May 7, at 2 p.m. as the Sinfonia Youth Orchestra hosts its annual FREE spring concert.

  • The program will feature a range of music selections from beautiful ballads and lyrical waltzes to exuberant sea shanties and folk-dance ditties, including Cumberland Cross, Yorkshire Ballad, Waltz No. 2, by Shostakovich, and Celtic Air and Dance.

“From mournful melodies that will touch your heart to jaunty folk songs that will have you tapping your toes, our ensemble has demonstrated a superior level of musicality in preparing this program and we hope you all will come out for an exhilarating evening!” said Sinfonia Youth Orchestra music director Margaret Gordon. 

In addition to the music performance, the concert will include a salute to the graduation high school seniors and the presentation of the 2023 Sinfonia Gulf Coast senior scholarship. 

  • “The leadership from our seniors has allowed our ensemble to grow exponentially in a short time and I am looking forward to recognizing them for their efforts and commitment,” Gordan said. 

According to Sinfonia Gulf Coast Music & Artistic Director Demetrius Fuller, education is the centerpiece of Sinfonia. His organization was founded in 2005 not only for its entertainment value but for the fact that Northwest Florida needed an organization that could be the proponent for arts education in schools, specifically music education.

“The Sinfonia Youth Orchestra program is a wonderful catalyst for local young musicians to expand their musical talents, but it would not be a full experience without an audience, so we hope everyone will come out to and support our youth orchestras,” he added.

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