South Walton Lifeguard saves sea turtle tangled in fishing line

South Walton Fire District Lifeguard Jack Nabers noticed a sea turtle in distress while on duty Sunday near Miramar Beach. According to the SWFD, Nabers paddled out to the turtle and found it entangled in an entire fishing pole, and was unable to move its right flipper.

“Hook, line, pole and all,” wrote the SWFD.

With the help of bystanders, Nabers removed the fishing line using his medical supplies. Thankfully, the turtle was able to swim safely back out to sea with no apparent injuries.

If you listen closely to the video, you can also hear Nabers asking for help contacting Florida Fish & Wildlife (FWC) to alert them of the turtle’s condition.

“We encourage all beach patrons to Leave No Trace,” wrote the SWFD in a statement. “This situation could have been completely avoided.”

If you encounter a sick, injured or stranded sea turtle in South Walton, please call South Walton Turtle Watch at 850-865-4503 or *FWC for further assistance.

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