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Step One Automotive named “Business of the Year” by the Okaloosa County School District

During the latest Okaloosa County School Board meeting, Step One Automotive Group was recognized as “Business of the Year” for the 2021-22 school year by Superintendent Marcus Chambers for their active […]

Thanks to Step One Automotive Group for their support. “Empowering lives through smarter and easier ways of accessing mobility.”

During the latest Okaloosa County School Board meeting, Step One Automotive Group was recognized as “Business of the Year” for the 2021-22 school year by Superintendent Marcus Chambers for their active involvement in the local school community.

“One of the things that we’re blessed with in this county is that we have businesses and partners who work with us in order to help us have the school district that we have today,” said Superintendent Chambers. “Step One Automotive finds the importance of connecting their business to the needs of the community.”

Step One’s focus on the community can be seen specifically through a local partnership with Pryor Middle School in Fort Walton Beach. They have provided extensive support that includes:

  • Partnering with Shalimar Eye Care to provide free eye exams and glasses for 30 students. 
  • Helped with the purchase of bicycles for many of the students at Pryor. (80% of the students walk to and from school.)

Additionally, Step One Automotive purchased translation headsets for the English Language Learner (ELL) students, which represents 30% of the student body. These headsets translate Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish, greatly helping the students to learn academically.

A few more ways Step One has stepped-up:

  • Pancake breakfast with gift bags that included a gift card to Walmart for Pryor staff.
  • Brings a food truck to the school throughout the year to allow the teachers to eat for free.
  • Provides grants to teachers for classroom supplies that enhance instruction.
  • Brings in motivational speakers.

“From helping the families, students, and teachers, whether it be at Pryor or other schools across this district, we’re just grateful and so proud that Step One is our 2021-2022 Business Partner of the Year,” added Chambers.

Pryor Middle School Principal Brooke Barron spoke on behalf of her school, thanking Step One Automotive.

“Pryor has had great success and lots of learning gains,” said Barron. “Our lowest 25% has made amazing gains and I think a lot of it has to do with, not only our wonderful and caring staff, but having business partners like Step One. All of our students have benefited in one way, shape or form from Step One’s generosity.”

Principal Baron recounts how Step One’s Maureen Bierman will email her and ask what they can do for the teachers, for the holidays, for the students, always offering to help and seeing what they can provide. 

Step One Automotive’s Director of Marketing, Maureen Bierman, thanked the Superintendent and the School Board for their continued support and recognition as “Business of the Year.”

“Thank you all so much for acknowledging Step One,” said said. “It’s really part of our mission statement to become involved in the community, and it’s an honor to be part of everything that you do. And while you’re thanking us, really, it’s all of you that deserve to be thanked for all the hard work you put in, from everybody on this board all the way down to every teacher in every school. Thank you very much.”

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