A New Tapas And Wine Bar Is Opening In Downtown Fort Walton Beach

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This is really exciting! Mainly because I spend most of days in Downtown Fort Walton Beach and have always rallied for more restaurants.

As someone who significantly supports the downtown lunch rush (I’m lookin’ at you del Sol!), I’m thrilled to see a new restaurant come in with a fresh twist.

TASTE will be opening up at the old Fokkers Pub in Fountain Square.


With Fokkers’ recent move to their new location at 215 Miracle Strip Pkwy, the old Mulhollows Bistro, the restaurant was quickly claimed by TASTE.

TASTE’s Facebook page lists the General Manager as K.C. Harrison. Anyone familiar with Downtown can easily recognize that name and the family: KC’s Sandbar & Grill & Tapworks.

So um…yea…I get the wine part, but what the hell is a tapas? 😕

We're practicing!! 󾌵󾦆

Posted by TASTE on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tapas Bars serve smaller portions of food, mainly appetizer or snack size. Normally you would order a variety of tapas and combine them to make a full meal.

The primary goal of tapas is to share the food and engage in conversation with those around you. (After you take a selfie, GET OFF THE PHONE!)

TASTE’s philosophy is that life is always better when you sip, share, and taste.

This isn’t the first tapas bar in area.

While TASTE will be the first tapas bar in Downtown Fort Walton Beach, it isn’t the first in the area. Twisted Grape in Shalimar has been going strong serving their own small plates and flatbreads.

But it’s Pensacola’s The Global Grill that helped set the excitement for my wife and I.

See, The Global Grill is an upscale tapas bar and restaurant in downtown Pensacola. We have family in that area of the Gulf Coast who absolutely rave about the tapas bar. In fact, it’s become their go-to spot!

The last time my wife was in P-cola with her girlfriends they tried to go to The Global Grill…but the hour-and-a-half wait sent them searching for someplace else.

Me and Upscale don’t really go together so I’m glad to see that TASTE has listed their attire as casual.

TASTE is opening soon. Be sure to subscribe to Get The Coast today!

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