Transformer blew at Fort Walton Beach High School Graduation, Deputies come to the rescue

After a day of terrible weather, Fort Walton Beach High School was moving forward with their graduation ceremony last night at Steve Riggs Stadium.

  • All was going as planned until a transformer blew and the stadium went dark.

In the video, it looks like confetti of some sort was released which caused the issue. This happened about halfway through the diploma ceremony, according to School Board Member Tim Bryant. 

“This could have gotten out of control, but the most beautiful thing happened,” he said. “The graduates started singing songs, the audience turned their cell phone lights on, the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office had two cars come onto the field to light up the stage and use their speaker system to announce the names.”

Bryant says that Principal Spolski and his team made sure everyone was calm and orderly while Deputy Superintendent Steve Horton was on the phone with FPL to help get power restored. 

“As we continued the ceremony, the power was restored and the final students made their way across stage,” he said. “Through their entire high school career these students have faced many obstacles and challenges, but when the lights went out, that is when these graduates really shined!”

Congratulations Vikings class of 2022!

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Thousands of locals read our newsletter every morning!