Here Is The Yummy School Lunch Students Are Eating On The First Day Back

School Lunch. Just the thought of school lunch brings back memories of Rectangle Pizza, Chicken Nuggets and Mashed Potatoes, extra Fries and Frito Bake!

As someone who grew up eating school lunch every single day, I have an appreciation for the food. I think the last time I had a packed lunch was in the 3rd grade.

There’s nothing quite like the cafeteria food: standing in line, picking out what you want, eating half your meal before checkout so it costs less..Good times!

With today being the first day back for Okaloosa County schools, we decided to take a look at the school menu to see what students would be enjoying today for lunch.

To see what the rest of the school year looks like for lunch, head on over to the Food Services website.

2015 – 2016 School Year Meal Prices

  • Student Breakfast – $1.80
  • Adult Breakfast – $2.25
  • Student Lunch – $2.55
  • Adult Lunch – $3.75
  • Reduced Breakfast – $0.30
  • Reduced Lunch – $0.40
  • Milk – $0.65

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