1-year-old in critical condition after being pulled from swimming pool in Niceville

The child was found unconscious and not breathing after being pulled from a swimming pool.

A thirteen-month-old toddler from Niceville is in critical condition with a “grim prognosis” following a drowning incident at a residence near Niceville on Monday afternoon.

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputies and other first responders swiftly arrived at a home on Calloway Drive after a 911 call was received around 1:05 p.m. The child, who had been retrieved from a swimming pool, was reportedly found unconscious and not breathing.

  • CPR was immediately administered, managing to establish a weak pulse, according to the report.

The toddler was initially rushed to Twin Cities Hospital in Niceville and later transferred to a hospital in Pensacola for further treatment. The OCSO is currently conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the tragic accident.

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News reel – 09/10/2023