Cox Cable could move into the City of Valparaiso

During Monday night’s city commission meeting, Valparaiso Commissioner Kay Hamilton announced that Cox Cable is expected to move into the area and offer their services.

Hamilton says that representatives from Cox met with her in a purely “informational” meeting only. She says the courtesy meeting was to inform the city that Cox Cable was interested in expanding their territory in an effort to increase efficiency and reliability.

Mayor Brent Smith stated that, in the past, Cox was not interested in moving into Valparaiso. Commissioner Hamilton implied that the renewed interest could be because the city is “doing so well.”

  • Hamilton stated that one difference between Cox would be their requirement of an annual contract for the citizens who decide to choose them over other providers.

As for when Cox services could be available in Valparaiso, it is estimated to be “sometime next year.”

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Thousands of locals read our newsletter every morning!