Old Synovus building on John Sims Parkway in Valparaiso, Florida

Valparaiso’s new City Hall continues with “Phase One” developments

Old Synovus building on John Sims Parkway in Valparaiso, Florida

In June 2021, H&S LLC purchased the Synovus building for $1,000,000. Huff Management offered to lease the building to the city of Valparaiso for $10,000 per month for 30 years ($3,600,000). This city signed the lease that included no remodel costs. 

In the “Phase One” plan, there have been various proposals, some of which are in progress and some are unknown (or yet to be set in motion.) This includes:

  • Modification of Coupon Rooms and installation of amplifier/recording equipment
  • Public restroom modifications and installation
  • Vault Combinations change request
  • Signage inside and outside
  • Moving company contract
  • Fire Protection System
  • Outside Maintenance
  • Inside Maintenance
  • Security System
  • Internet Wiring
  • Phone System

A few items which have already been discussed in detail during the last few monthly meetings are the security system and maintenance upkeep.

  • For the security system, the city has a contract with GSC Systems, which will help them with cameras, wiring, and any additional electronics in the building.
  • As for the maintenance, the city has been in contact with Gary Munn, Senior Maintenance Tech for Synovus, to help best figure out what costs and upkeep might look like.

Public Works Director Nathan Kelly indicated that the overall layout of the City Hall building would have to be reconfigured before the current City Hall can be moved in.

Commissioner Edward Crosby elaborated on that indication, saying the reason for that is because of electronics, wiring, phone lines, crowd control, and cameras. The general suggestion is that it would be better to plan things up front rather than try to move in now, and risk having to re-do a layout or reconfiguration.

It was also stated a few meetings ago, during the initial “Phase One” announcement, that Eglin Federal Credit Union would be contacted with regards to using the “drive-thru” portion of the building as a teller or an ATM. No update on that as of yet.

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