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Hurlburt Field tightens security with 100% ID Checks beginning April 17

The 1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron (1st SOSFS) will begin conducting 100% identification checks for all individuals accessing Hurlburt Field starting April 17, 2024. Under the new policy, visitors without a […]

Source: Hurlburt Field

The 1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron (1st SOSFS) will begin conducting 100% identification checks for all individuals accessing Hurlburt Field starting April 17, 2024.

  • This change in installation access procedures aims to enhance security measures at the base, according to Hurlburt Field.

Under the new policy, visitors without a Department of Defense (DOD) issued ID card will be required to obtain a visitor pass. Uniformed service members, their dependents over the age of 16, DOD employees, and retirees are authorized to sponsor these passes, which can be obtained at the Visitor Control Center (VCC) from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

To prevent traffic delays at the gates, it is recommended that individuals begin acquiring their visitor passes in advance.

Visitor passes are valid for up to 60 days. However, if a pass is needed for more than 60 days, a commander’s approval is required, and the pass can then be issued for up to one year, with the exception of retirees. Retirees traveling with visitors will need to renew the visitor’s pass every 60 days. Passes should be shredded or returned to the VCC when no longer needed.

  • Gator Lakes Golf Course will remain open to the public, provided that visitors have an approved visitor’s pass.

In addition to visitor passes, individuals can also process REAL IDs into the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS), a networked database system designed to easily verify access authorization of people entering military installations.

Registering a REAL ID in DBIDS can alleviate gate congestion if an ID card holder forgets their card at home or in a CAC reader. Retirees can also use their registered REAL ID to access the base if they lose their military ID or if it has expired.

For more information, contact the 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs Office at (850) 884-7906.

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  1. Why is this something new at Hurlburt? I shutter thinking how easy it is to obtain visitor passes, but why was security so lax? We retired outta Hurlburt 10 years ago and just moved back 30 mins away, to co tinue rorking and living here. Hubby now works right near where the shooting was at Pensacola NAS 4 years ago ( and yes, that was committed by a foreign military member with valid permissions, visiting the base). Did we not learn anything pre-9/11 allowing people to drive freely onto military installations for 2 decades or more in the 1990s-2000s?

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