Hurlburt Field

Hurlburt Field to host FREE 2-day Open House for the first time in 11 years

Hurlburt Field

The U.S. Air Force is hosting a 2-day Open House at Hurlburt Field on April 14 for DOD identification card holders and April 15 for the general public.

  • For the first time since 2012, the base will open its gates to the public for a FREE two-day event between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • This year’s them is: “Connect with our Mission.”

According to a press release from Hurlburt, attendees will have the opportunity to talk with Airmen, experience military demonstrations and tour the Air Force’s latest generation of special forces aircraft, that are essential to accomplishing the nation’s global defense mission.

  • Vendors and concessions will also be available at the event.

“We look forward to hosting our Emerald Coast community and showcasing what our AFSOC Airmen are doing to protect our nation,” said Col. Alison Black, 1st Special Operations Wing commander.

Hurlburt Field is home to the United States Air Force Special Operations Command, 1st Special Operations Wing, 492nd Special Operations Wing, more than 45 tenant units, and more than nine thousand special operations Airmen.

For more information on this years event, please visit the Hurlburt Field Open House website or visit the official Hurlburt Field Facebook page.

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