Motorcycle collision claims life of 23-year-old Crestview resident on North Ferdon Blvd.

Crestview Police investigate a fatal traffic accident on North Ferdon Boulevard, as a young motorcyclist collides with a vehicle while allegedly attempting an illegal wheelie.

The Crestview Police Department is investigating a traffic fatality that occurred on North Ferdon Boulevard (State Highway 85 North) near the intersection of Commerce Drive.

On the morning of Wednesday, July 26, 2023, around 6:15 a.m., Officers were dispatched to a motorcycle versus a truck in the South Bound Traffic Lanes of North Ferdon Boulevard. According to the Crestview Police Department, a pair of motorcycles were traveling together in the south bound traffic lanes when one of them struck a vehicle.

According to the report, a motorcycle that was operated by 23-year-old Crestview resident Jay M. Pace struck the rear quarter panel of a vehicle that was crossing the roadway, to turn left onto North Ferdon Boulevard.

  • Pace was ejected from the motorcycle and died as a result of his injuries.
  • The other motorcycle stopped and was not involved in the accident. There were no other injuries.

“Based on the statements of multiple witnesses and evidence on scene, Mr. Pace was traveling at a high rate of speed and was seen accelerating and bringing his motorcycle into an illegal wheelie (driving on just the rear tire) just moments before the impact with the other vehicle occurred,” wrote the Crestview Police Department in a press release.

The investigation remains active and ongoing at this time, report the Crestview PD. Alcohol and/or drugs are not considered as a factor in this accident.

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