Okaloosa, Destin and Fort Walton Beach yard debris pick-up schedules

Okaloosa County, along with the cities of Destin and Fort Walton Beach, have put out their schedules and plans for picking up debris and yard waste in the aftermath of Hurricane Sally.

Below you will find the plans outlined for each.

Keep in mind: Before you place the debris anywhere near the road, make sure you do not to stack your debris near Gulf Power equipment.

“If a debris hauling company can’t see our equipment when they come to your neighborhood, they might hit it and cause an outage,” said Gulf Power in a statement. “And none of us want that to happen.”

Okaloosa County

If you’re in the Okaloosa County franchise area for household waste, there will be a scheduled storm debris pickup on Wednesday, September 23.

The County asks that residents please be sure that the debris and yard waste is placed on the curb before Wednesday so that it can be removed.

Additionally, residents should separate debris as described below:

  • Treated wood: dock material, decking, piling, fencing
  • Vegetative yard waste: leaves and small sticks in plastic bags and tree limbs, stumps, trunks from 8-12ft in length
  • Bulk material: carpets, furniture, construction debris
  • Appliances and electronics

City of Fort Walton Beach

For the City of Fort Walton Beach, the regular schedule for yard debris (and storm debris) will vary and be picked up by passes (4 cubic yards per pass) until clear.

Below are instructions and details for each of our solid waste services:

Household Garbage/Recycling – Regular pickup schedules apply. Make sure no water is in the can and the lid is closed.

Yard Debris – Regular pickup schedule suspended – pickup times will vary and be picked up passes. Four cubic yards per pass. Separate yard debris from household bulk items and storm debris.

Household Bulk – No call-in priority at this time. Items will be picked up as time allows.

Dock Debris – Separate from other household items, yard and storm debris. Pickup by passes. Four cubic yards per pass.

Hazardous Materials – Do not place hazardous materials by the road. They must be dropped off at the county’s facility at 80 Ready Ave. Tuesday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

City of Destin

For the City of Destin, yard waste pickup is on Fridays at 6am and it includes:

  • Tree limbs
  • Leaves
  • Lawn clippings
  • Etc.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure your yard waste is picked up from the City of Destin:

  • Leaves/lawn clippings and small twigs must be canned or bagged and cannot not weigh in excess of 50 lbs. per container or bundle.
  • Tree limbs must be stacked and cannot not be in excess of 6 feet in length or 4 inches in diameter. (Items larger than these specifications require a special pickup and charges may apply.
  • Total volume per each yard waste service day cannot not exceed 2 cubic yards – approximately the amount that can be placed in the bed of a standard pickup truck. If total volume exceeds these specifications, the remainder will be picked up on the next scheduled yard waste service day.
  • If you receive a notification tag, your yard waste may not meet the requirements.

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