Parker Destin talks beach acquisition at Shore of Crystal Beach and the ‘Beach Experience Survey’

Councilman Parker Destin addresses the City of Destin's beach survey and why it is critical for citizen input.

Councilman Parker Destin, joined by Code Compliance Director Joey Forgione, highlight the news of acquiring more beach through the city’s beach acquisition program at the Shore of Crystal Beach.

This was achieved through the hard work and partnership between the City of Destin, Okaloosa County Board of County Commissioners, Okaloosa County Tourist Development Council and Trust for Public Lands.

Councilman Destin addressed the city’s beach survey and why it is critical for citizen input.

“Locals and Tourists, I need YOUR help”, said Destin. “I need YOUR opinions. If you want me and the City of Destin to secure more funding from the state and feds for more public beaches, then I need you to respond to this survey. It’s 5-minutes and it’ll generate the hard data we need to show other government agencies how much we need new public beaches. This is how the every member of the public helps us keep this ball rolling. Please do your part and my thanks in advance!”

Beach patrons will see signage at each city operated beach park and trail with two ways to access the survey. You can visit or scan the sign’s QR code with their mobile device.

Back on August 4th, after a presentation from Councilman Destin, the Okaloosa Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve providing up to $6,290,000 dollars in tourism development tax for the acquisition of three parcels in the City of Destin adjacent to the Shore of Crystal Beach Park. This would create 251 feet of linear beach.

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