Spinnaker’s nightclub days are over as company rebrands

For nearly 50 years, Spinnaker has helped shape Panama City Beach into what it is today. The iconic Spring Break party spot has been throwing down since 1972 and has evolved with the times.

The ‘times’ now call for Spinnaker to drop the nightclub scene and rebrand as a beachside grill.

On Tuesday, January 15, Spinnaker Beach Club officially announced that their nightclub days are over and they will move into 2019 as Spinnaker Beachside Grill.

Owner/operator Sparky Sparkman explains,

“I subscribed to a theory advanced years ago by a silicone valley magnate that said if it ain’t broke, fix it! The beach has changed dramatically over the past decade. The old days of being a party destination were fun while they lasted, but transitioning into a family-friendly destination is not optional. Spinnaker must and will adapt. But not to worry, we’re still going to be the best place on the beach for a burger and a beer, and our live music is enshrined in our roots – we just think it is time to get serious about our food.”

While all the details about the new Spinnaker Beachside Grill are not yet being released, favorites like the Paradise Burgers, Fish Tacos and Spin Mac n Cheese will remain. What the final version of the new Spinnaker will look like is still evolving and has much to do with the life-altering impact of Hurricane Michael.

What do you think of the rebranding and new direction of Spinnaker?

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