Destin High School to host Town Hall to meet finalists for new Executive Director position

Destin High School invites the community to meet the two finalists, Donald "Willy" Williams and Jeffrey Greenley, at the upcoming Town Hall. The new Executive Director will oversee financial management and organizational performance, with added responsibility as Athletic Director.

Destin High School is set to host a town hall session on Thursday, July 27 from 11am-2pm with the 2 finalists for the new Executive Director position. The town hall will take place in The Shark Tank at Destin High School.

  • The Executive Director role is a newly approved position aimed at enhancing the school’s organizational structure and performance, following financial issues at the end of the 2022-23 school year.

The process of identifying the right candidate for the Executive Director role has been underway since being approved by the Governing Board back in May. The two finalists are Donald “Willy” Williams and Jeffrey Greenley.

  • Mr. Williams will be at 11:00am
  • Mr. Greenley will be at 12:30PM

During Thursday’s Town Hall, attendees will be able to engage directly with the candidates, as they each provide an introduction and respond to up to ten pre-submitted questions, according to the high school. If time permits, follow-up questions will also be allowed. 

During the Governing Board meeting on May 23, there were two variations of the Executive Director job description that the board voted on. After a lengthy discussion, they ultimately chose the original version over the alternative.

The approved job description for the Executive Director outlines a comprehensive set of responsibilities and qualifications. Among the essential qualifications required are a strong commitment to the school’s mission and vision, at least five years of relevant leadership experience in education and academia, and expertise in budgetary planning and resource allocation.

The Executive Director will hold the reins in various critical areas, including financial management, academic performance, organizational health, and strategic planning. Additionally, the chosen candidate will serve as the primary liaison between the Governing Board and the school staff.

A look at some of the responsibilities outlined in the job description:

  • Overseeing the school’s academic, cultural, financial, and operational performance.
  • Engaging with the Governing Board and managing all school staff, directly or indirectly.
  • Assisting the Board in designing and implementing the school’s strategic plan.
  • Ensuring the financial and organizational health of the school, including financial management, development, and human capital.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal and authorizer policies and accurate reporting.
  • Building and managing relationships with external stakeholders.
  • Developing and supervising policies related to health, safety, and welfare of students, staff, and faculty.
  • Serving as the chief fundraiser and overseeing all fundraising activities.
  • Planning and directing interscholastic athletic activities and managing publicity for athletic events.
  • Engaging the Board on strategic issues and implementing their vision and mission during annual operational planning.

The job description also specifies additional responsibilities:

  • Financial Management: Creating and managing the school’s budget, overseeing purchasing processes, and managing finance and property in alignment with the Board’s policies.
  • Development: Crafting a fundraising strategy, building relationships with donors, and overseeing grant opportunities.
  • External Relations and Marketing: Building brand awareness and community engagement through communication, public relations, and marketing efforts.
  • School Compliance: Ensuring accurate state and federal reporting and meeting deadlines.
  • Leadership Development/Human Capital: Managing and developing the school’s leadership team and handling human resources responsibilities.

One notable difference between the approved and alternate job description lies in the scope of the position. While the alternate version placed a heavy emphasis on financial affairs, the approved version broadened the scope to encompass overseeing all aspects of the school’s affairs. 

  • This expansion also grants the Executive Director the additional responsibility of being the Athletic Director, planning and directing interscholastic athletic activities.

The school’s decision to consolidate these responsibilities comes after they did not renew the contract of Athletic Director Phil Dorn last month and did not allocate a separate budget for the Athletic Director role in the 2023-2024 budget.

  • According to Board President Denise Fountain, The 2023-2024 budget has a “placeholder” amount of $100,000 reserved as compensation for the Executive Director.

The Town Hall event will conclude with a feedback survey provided to all attendees, allowing community members to share their input on each candidate’s responses. All feedback will be anonymous and will be thoroughly reviewed as part of the selection process, according to the high school.

For those interested in suggesting questions for the candidates, please direct them to Search Committee Chairwoman and Board Member, Keli O’Neal, at

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