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Local fiber provider LiveOak expanding rapidly in Okaloosa County

As part of our Home and Garden series this month, we’re focusing on an essential aspect of modern households: internet connectivity. LiveOak Fiber, a regional broadband provider, is building a robust fiber […]

Source: LiveOak Fiber

As part of our Home and Garden series this month, we’re focusing on an essential aspect of modern households: internet connectivity.

LiveOak Fiber, a regional broadband provider, is building a robust fiber optic network to bring high-speed internet access to thousands of homes and businesses throughout the area.

  • With LiveOak Fiber’s transparent pricing, no data caps, and contract-free plans, customers can enjoy reliable, high-speed internet while potentially saving on their monthly bills.

Steve Smith, Chief Revenue Officer at LiveOak Fiber, shed light on the company’s progress and unique approach in a recent interview. 

“This is probably the largest privately funded infrastructure project in Okaloosa County,” Smith noted, emphasizing the scale and impact of LiveOak’s fiber deployment. “It’s right up there with roads and some of the bridges, but this one’s more personal because it goes into people’s yards.”

One key differentiator for LiveOak is its commitment to hiring locally, Smith says. The company has already brought on over 100 employees from the area, working closely with community stakeholders to ensure the benefits of a local provider. 

  • This dedication has earned LiveOak recognition, including being named Business of the Year by the Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce. “We’re fulfilling our promise by hiring over 100 local employees and working closely with community stakeholders,” Smith said.

When it comes to infrastructure, LiveOak is taking a forward-thinking approach. The company’s fiber network is being installed entirely underground, minimizing exposure to the elements and potential disruptions. 

“Fiber networks themselves have a lower environmental impact. They use less electricity,” Smith explained. “If your router has power, the signal will go all the way through.” Smith says his underground installation sets LiveOak apart from other providers who rely on aerial fiber, which can be more susceptible to damage from weather, wildlife, and other factors.

While the construction process can be disruptive, LiveOak is working diligently to minimize the impact on residents’ yards and properties. The company coordinates closely with local utilities, uses advanced locating techniques, and has a dedicated team to quickly address any issues that arise. 

  • “We try to leave it as good as we found it,” Smith assured. “If it’s not the case, tell us and we will fix it.” LiveOak marks all of their trucks, provides contact numbers, and aims to be transparent throughout the construction process.

In terms of service offerings, LiveOak is focused on providing straightforward, transparent pricing without data caps or contracts. The company’s residential packages are designed to meet the evolving needs of households, with symmetrical upload and download speeds to support remote work, online learning, and streaming. LiveOak also includes a user-friendly app for Wi-Fi management and parental controls. 

“All of our packages for residential are no data caps because to introduce a limitation on the internet is odd to me,” Smith explained. “The nature of the internet itself is unlimited connectivity.”

With the recent changes to the Affordable Connectivity Program, which provided subsidies for internet access, many consumers may see their bills increase. However, LiveOak’s pricing has remained consistent, as the company did not rely on tactics to artificially lower prices. 

  • “Prices are the same,” Smith confirmed. “We haven’t changed anything. We are just working to get people to try us.”

For those eager to make the switch to LiveOak Fiber, Smith says the process is quick and easy. Once the network is available in a neighborhood, residents can check availability on the company’s website and schedule an installation, typically within a two-week window.

LiveOak’s local, full-time technicians provide white-glove service, ensuring a smooth transition. “If you are in an installable area, you can actually pick a package and you can schedule your install,” Smith said. “Right now, we’re running around two weeks out.”

The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, with customers and local leaders alike recognizing LiveOak’s commitment to service and connectivity. 

  • “I can’t say enough good things about it,” Smith shared, highlighting the support from chambers of commerce and business leaders. “For every negative comment we get on social media, we have several people that will actually come to our defense, which I’ve never seen in a service provider environment.”

As LiveOak Fiber continues its rapid expansion, the company remains focused on its mission to provide reliable, high-speed internet to the residents and businesses of Okaloosa County. With a customer-centric approach, transparent pricing, and a robust fiber network, LiveOak is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for connectivity in the region. 

  • Smith’s message to consumers is clear: “Give us a try. It’s not going to hurt and it’s not going to cost you anything extra. You’ll save money. If it’s not as advertised, tell us and we’ll fix it.” 

To learn more about LiveOak Fiber’s services and check availability, visit

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