6-week Kids Yoga Series coming to Sunshine Yoga in Destin

Have you enjoyed the benefits of yoga before? If so, why not expose your little one to it? With the start of the school year, there are so many benefits to exposing your children to mindfulness and luckily, Sunshine Yoga has you covered!

Kim Mosby from Sunshine Yoga was kind enough to give us the scoop on this 6 week yoga series for kids. Here are the details!

The Details

What: 6 week Series for Kids

Dates: Sept 10 – Oct 15

Focus: Mindulness & Compassion

Investment: $111

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What to Expect

“At Sunshine Yoga, we believe that our future generation is the light of the world and dependent on how we teach them NOW,” Mosby said. “We have a strong desire to help develop mindfulness in school aged children as a way of giving them the tools they need during this precious time of development as well as for the rest of their lives. “

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Frederick Douglass

Mosby continued…

“Stress and anxiety can lead to an array of health issues as well as hinder the ability to cope with every day situations. If we teach our young ones meditation, mindfulness & compassion while they are young, they will have the skills necessary to deal with common stress throughout life. Most of us are not taught this valuable knowledge and we don’t seek help until we suffer from side affects. This is why it is important to be proactive with our children.”

“We have scheduled this series in perfect timing to the start of the new school year, as this program is designed to help kids learn ways to manage their stress, improve concentration, and gain confidence”, said Mosby.

Your children will have the opportunity to learn:

🧘🏻 Yoga poses as meditation in movement

🧘🏼 Meditation for calmness & clarity

🧘🏽 Mindfulness through crafts

🧘🏾 Team building through partner yoga & activities

🧘🏼 Story telling, games & songs for creativity

It is strongly recommend to commit to the full series but if you would like to drop you are welcome. $25 for one class.

Mom’s Bonus!

A FREE 4 week Mindful Moms Series is going on at the same time. It will coincide with the first 4 kids classes. Donations are appreciated. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Emerald Coast Children’s Advocacy.

How cool is that? Would you sign your child up for this yoga series?

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